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Positions and Funding

Undergraduate students considering graduate studies must understand that graduate placement is highly competitive and contingent upon the availability of research funding.  You should be searching for graduate positions no later than the August/September of your last year of studies.  Obtaining your own graduate support will greatly increase your chances of finding a graduate position.  Graduate support is available from NSERC, CIHR, OGS, and the Canadian Federation of University Women. Deadlines for submission are in Oct/Nov and results are announced in the Spring.  Highly competitive students interested in joining my lab (GPA of “A” in last 2 years) should contact me directly to discuss research opportunities prior to these deadlines.

Important links for potential graduate students:
Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar
Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences

Currently accepting postdocs with funding or applicants competitive for NSERC/CIHR/CCSRI fellowships.

Ph.D. candidates who are within a year of completing their program and interested in joining my dynamic research group should contact me directly to enquire about research opportunities.  Currently, I am only accepting postdoctoral fellows who are competitive for their own NSERC, CIHR or CCSRI postdoctoral funding.  Deadlines for submission of applications for funding are typically in Oct/Nov.


4th Year Undergraduate Research Projects
Highly motivated students interested in a future in graduate studies, research or professional careers may considering gaining insights through an independent literature review ( (HK*4230) or small research project ((HK*4371) in their last year of study .  Exceptional 3rd year students may also consider these research opportunities. Students must enquire the year prior.

Work study program
The Student Financial Services offers the work study program. This program provides on campus part-time job opportunities for students with financial need.  This program provides opportunities for students to work in a research environment throughout the academic year.  Positions are reviewed starting Aug of each year and posted on the work study site.

Summer Research Awards
Undergraduate students wanting to gain valuable experience working in an research intensive environment for the summer (May 1-Aug 31) may consider applying for undergraduate summer research studentships.  Students will be engaged in rigorous and demanding projects that will teach them about modern research in the Nutritional Sciences. Acceptance into the program is highly competitive and only students with a minimum “A-” GPA average will be considered.  Students must apply through the college. Students may enquire in early Jan for Feb application deadlines.


Graduate and postdoctoral funding is also available from the following foundations and agencies.
Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI)
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Ontario
Cancer Research Society of Canada (CRS)
American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR)
Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA)
Heart and Stroke Foundation
Alzheimer’s Society of Canada
Community of Science (COS) – Database

Please note, research positions in my laboratory are highly competitive and only a limited number of positions are available each year.