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Postsecondary education is evolving on many fronts including greater flexibility for anywhere learning. Mobile applications are new tools aiding students in their learning experience.

Nutribiochem is a mobile application developed for Blackberry, Android and iOS platforms.  This application is designed to help undergraduate students better understand the fundamentals of biochemistry and nutrition.  Pathways and structures and accompanied by brief summaries outlining key elements.  For review purposes short quizzes also help students to evaluate their learning experience.

Nutribiochem was conceptualized by Drs. David Ma and Genevieve Newton. Saskia Teri was involved in content development. The application was developed by Douglas Griffith, and later revised by Shaun Zanin, both under the supervision of Dr. Qusay H. Mahmoud, Director of Centre for Mobile Education and Research at the University of Guelph.

Mobile versions of Nutribiochem (Google updated Sep 2013) and Nutribiochem2 (under review at BB) can be found on all major mobile platforms and desktop at (use Google Chrome). New version of iOS coming soon (under review at iTunes).